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electronic cards

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electronic cards

  • product name: electronic cards
  • product categories: electronic cards
  • company name: Qixia Xingke Plastic Packing Products Co., Ltd.
  • model specifications:
  • product usage:
  • service hotline: 086 535-5411558
  • add time: 16/12/15

All kinds of electronic cards protect products, use of space efficiently, and reduce the production cost of storage and transportation. They are widely used in warehousing, logistics, electronics, auto parts and other industries.

Applies to:

1, industrial product packaging turnover: electronic components packaging turnover box, plastic parts turnover box, box partition knife card, anti-static hollow board turnover box.

2, luggage handbag pallets: luggage liner, luggage pads, partitions.

3. Bottle cans industry: glass bottle factory pad, bottle care, canned products partition, tank care, pad plate.

4, the advertising industry: PP hollow display box, graphic display, advertising board.

5, agriculture: all kinds of fruit boxes, vegetables, crates, food crates, beverage crates.

6, style products: smart blackboard, paper bags.

7, the electrical industry: refrigerator washing machine backplane, partitions.

8, baby supplies: stroller pad.

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