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packing box

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the packing box

  • product name: the packing box
  • product categories: packing box
  • company name: Qixia Xingke Plastic Packing Products Co., Ltd.
  • model specifications:
  • product usage:
  • service hotline: 086 535-5411558
  • add time: 16/12/15

The packing box is hollow plate deep processed by hollow plate, with the advantages of environmental protection, moisture-proof, waterproof, oil proof, shock proof, anti friction, and anti extrusion. It can be designed into packing box with different properties according to customers' requirements.Exquisite printing not only play a protective effect but also greatly improve the product the grade.At the same time,the packing box can be repeatedly used, transport folded, and save the cost of transportation.

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