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hollow board turnover box

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anti-static turnover

  • product name: anti-static turnover
  • product categories: hollow board turnover box
  • company name: Qixia Xingke Plastic Packing Products Co., Ltd.
  • model specifications:
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  • add time: 16/12/15

First case,it's a compound formed from a lipophilic portion and a hydrophilic portion of an antistatic agent.After maintaining reasonable compatibility with plastic, it gradually moves towards the surface. And then form a conductive layer by adsorbed hydrophilic end through the moisture in the air,which makes the charge discharging and suppresses the charge generating. Thus, it realizes the conductive function, and effectively releases the static charge accumulated on the surface of the object.Applications: it mainly used in electronics, electrical appliances, information technology, automotive manufacturing, logistics and other industries.In another case, hollow plate is modified by adding antistatic or conductive masterbatch in the process of production, then has anti-static or conductive properties.Antistatic hollow board surface resistance value: 103Ω ~105Ω, conductive hollow board surface resistance value: 106Ω ~109Ω.Antistatic hollow board and conductive hollow board can prevent the electronic components from being damaged by static electricity in the process of production and storage, especially for the semiconductor, computer, communication equipment, etc.

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