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Discussion on Injection Molding Process of Hollow Plate Turnover Box

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Hollow board turnover box in the injection molding machine on the process of operation, including feeding, heating plasticizing, pressurized injection and other steps. Following the decomposition of each one introduced.

1, feeding. In order to ensure the stability of the plasticization of the hollow board turnover box, to reduce the pressure to the mold cavity pressure fluctuations, should be added to the barrel of plastic each time the same amount. The length of the pellet section in the cartridge has a significant effect on the injection pressure loss. Therefore, the plunger-type injection machine feeding volume in particular to be strictly controlled. Screw-type injection machine generally does not have a special metering feeding device, screw in the rotation of the retreat at the same time, that is able to transport feeding. The feed rate is controlled by the stroke of the screw retraction. 

2, heating plasticizing. Hollow plate turnover box Plasticization stage is the plastic in the barrel, the melting and heating to flow, and has a good moldability of the process. The requirements of the process, is a good plasticizing and plasticizing capacity is high. The quality of plastics depends mainly on the plastic in the barrel of the heating conditions and by the shear effect. The plastic heating of the cylinder is a necessary condition for the plastics to be melted and plasticized, while the shearing action is mechanized to strengthen the mixing and plasticizing process. In the plastic injection molding machine in the screw-type injection machine, due to the rotation of the screw shear friction heat generated, and change the plastic barrel in the plunger-type plastic heating completely by the external situation, thus promoting the plastics within the plastic Process, screw speed and plasticizing pressure (back pressure) can be adjusted plastic process.

3, injection molding. Plasticized plastic melt, in the screw under the action of the pressure from the barrel through the nozzle and the mold of the pouring system, the process of filling and filling cavity, injection molding process is the most important stage. Because the hollow box turnover box shape and size of the appearance of quality, crystallization, orientation, internal stress and weld marks and other intrinsic quality, to a large extent with this stage of the operation control is appropriate.