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Methods and Measures to Improve the Quality of Hollow Plate

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 As long as the strict control of the production of hollow board partition several links, I believe that the advent of high-quality hollow board partition is not a problem. 

1, hollow board partition structure Hollow plate partition itself is the importance of structural design of the embodiment. Through reasonable structural design, can achieve the purpose of improving strength, uniform diffusion load, avoid stress concentration. Such as wall thickness, arc or diagonal transition is the hollow plate partition structure design must follow the principle, and change the cross-sectional shape is to get different mechanical properties of the main partition.

2, the hollow plate separator material and the formula for the hollow plate separator, the design of raw materials and formulations related to the stability of the production and the quality of the hollow plate separator is the hollow plate partition quality is one of the decisive factors. The purpose of formula design is to optimize the additives, reasonable mix and finally achieve the formulation of low-cost, high performance. Based on a reasonable formula also requires reliable quality resin and additives, even if only one kind of raw material problems, but also make the quality of the hollow plate partition affected, or even failed. 

3, the production process of research and production processes, including raw materials to the final product from the whole process of processing procedures, process parameters, methods of operation. In the hollow plate partition process control, the key is to control the molding of the various stages of the temperature, pressure and speed. Product sales increase is the fundamental guarantee for enterprise survival, quality is the premise of guaranteeing product sales. Therefore, no matter how the production process changes, are around the quality of this purpose.