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Hollow board turnover box loading strength requirements

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 Hollow plate turnover box bearing capacity depends largely on its raw materials and assembly of the accessories, different products in the use of turnover box when the need to consider the different materials, size and hardness and other factors, then the hollow box turnover box Of the carrying capacity requirements. Permanent deformation and curvature of the requirements: the state provides the maximum curvature of 30mm, but because of storage or turnover need long-term or recycling use of me, so we do shelf around the curvature of the requirements, generally about 20mm, if Is the automatic three-dimensional warehouse, then we will have to be more stringent requirements, the general recommendations for the 10mm, or even smaller. Static load refers to the stack in the bottom of the hollow plate turnover box, can withstand the maximum weight. General shelf turnover box to load-bearing 6T-8T, standard turnover box to load 4T, ultra-light turnover box static load 1T. Shelf load refers to the maximum allowable weight when the goods packed in a hollow box turnover box are placed on a shelf. Must pay attention to dynamic load, static load, shelf load and the difference between the library load, bearing capacity and shelf structure, ambient temperature and storage cycle are closely related. General heavy-duty turnover box in the beam-type shelves bearing 0.7T-1T, standard turnover box bearing 0.4T-0.6T.