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Hollow plate production production problem solving

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Our production of hollow board, hollow plate production production problems are as follows:     1, the problem: the poor quality of the hollow plate on the market     Solution: the establishment of quality control and supervision mechanism hollow board, the implementation of quasi-use permit system to fundamentally eliminate the poor quality of the hollow plate into the market.     2, the problem: hollow-plate production enterprises with a sound detection equipment not much.     Solution: Hollow board product quality testing, in the hollow plate production enterprises more concentrated areas can set up a regional testing center for the plant to provide convenient.     3, the problem: the user of the hollow surface of the board a variety of quality requirements     Solution: the needs of users, the production of various grades of hollow plate template. Increase the wear resistance of hollow plate and surface hardness, integrity and finish. The number of impregnated paper sheet surface smoothness and smoothness of the requirements may be.     4, the problem: the number of hollow plate template turnover is small     To solve the hollow plate template to improve the number of turns, which is technically not a problem. Now the product fails to meet this requirement, the key is to randomly change the plastic type, change the hot parameters, not in accordance with the correct conditions of production.     If you have any need can contact us at any time, we will give you high-quality hollow board with good service!