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Measures to Improve the Aging Resistance of Plastic Hollow Board Cutter

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In the plastic hollow board knife card formula, adding the right amount of titanium dioxide, not only will not affect the hollow board knife card of the original mechanical properties, and can greatly improve the resistance of plastic hollow card knife air aging resistance. 

Addition of auxiliary heat stabilizers, UV absorbers, colorants, etc., can effectively improve the anti-aging properties of the knife card, the use of appropriate heat stabilizer and dosage. Iron oxide red, phthalocyanine blue, carbon black, phthalocyanine green, titanium dioxide is a better weatherability pigment, but the addition of titanium dioxide in the aging process will precipitate white powder. While the resistance to selenium yellow, permanent yellow, medium chrome yellow, relative to the pigment is less weatherability pigment.

The use of barium-tin stabilizer instead of lead salt stabilizer in plastic hollow board can not only reduce the amount of stabilizer, but also improve the impact toughness and atmospheric aging resistance of the hollow board.

It is an effective measure to improve the aging resistance and color fastness of the hollow board knife card by adding appropriate UV absorbers such as UV-9 and UV-P in the plastic hollow board.