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Hollow plate making step

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We are fully committed to the production of recyclable packaging materials and development, the successful transformation of hollow-plate production enterprises. Xiao Bian today to tell you about hollow plate production steps.     1, the hollow plate material by a molding plastic products, the amount of material used by the hopper into the barrel of the injection molding machine, the transformation of the screw to promote material forward, together with the external heating of the receiver barrel. As the material in the barrel is to heat up, but also because of the screw on the screw volume is gradually reduced by compression, coupled with constantly changing the screw thread to flip forward material and the material and the barrel of the conflict between a variety of Conditional action, so that the material is pushed forward with the gradual plasticization into a molten state. The melt pressure at the front end of the screw is increased by the reverse screw pressure due to the resistance of the nozzle and the increase of the amount of melt advance by the screw. When the back pressure is greater than Cylinder piston on the screw thrust and resistance to resistance, the initial withdrawal of the screw, together with the initial feeding hopper metering. The distance from the screw to evacuate the size of a molding injection molding products to determine the amount of injection material, from pre-production to adjust the stroke limit switch control. After the withdrawal of the screw hit the limit switch, the intermittent transition and withdrawal, the end of a preplasticized material program.     2, the hollow plate mold clamping mode after the end of some action, the injection seat is pushed forward by the cylinder piston until the nozzle close to the mouth of the liner; and then inject the cylinder piston to move the screw sensitive forward, according to melt into the mold required for molding Pressure and speed of movement, the melt material into the mold cavity. In order to prevent the filling of the molten material in the mold cavity and to compensate for the shortening of the melt before the melt is cooled and solidified, the injection nozzle is still close to the mouth of the bushing and a certain pressure is maintained, and this process is called Pressure, cooling stereotypes. Hollow board pressure, cooling stereotypes arrived at a pre-set time, the end of solid molding products. The injection seat is pulled by the piston of the cylinder, the second pre-plasticizing of the preliminary screw, the molding die is opened, the product is ejected out of the cavity, and the whole process of injection molding of the hollow plate is finished.     Buy hollow board to our company, and we look forward to your visit, is willing to cooperate sincerely with you!